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January 28, 2017 

The Death of Josseline

by Margaret Regan

Reading might not feel like action right now, but learning the stories of others is a means to empathy, compassion and education. A reporter for the Tucson Weekly, Margaret Regan spent 10 years observing, collecting and reporting the stories of migrants from South America, Central America & Mexico. This book relates the issue of "immigration" not as a political question but one of humanity, whether our institutional will is capable of grief and empathy, and whether awareness can alter policy. The USA has not collectively come to terms with the destructive effects of its Neoliberal economics, and fails to mitigate and heal the damage by encouraging and accepting emigres from everywhere its militarism and economic force has created chaos. Reading this book you will learn some names of volunteers working on behalf of life and mutual survival, but there are many more unnamed volunteers wringing empathetic action out of the desert of our sociopolitical erosion. This book is hard to read without hurting, but much easier to take than one go of any current news cycle, or dipping into the illusory world of fear & hate rampant in our devolving country.

#nomoredeaths #wrongwayusa

-Nicholas Frank


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