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Lise Haller Baggesen

Mark Anthony Martinez

Mark Anthony Martinez describes himself as ''Offwhite,' providing the inspiration & color theme for Season Two's Off-White NFPL programming. According to Martinez, his work "explores representation and power through image and symbol, to expose whiteness as interconnected within a system of domination and privilege." His practice "illustrates an anti-racist aesthetic dedicated toward elucidating whiteness as a hegemonic power structure, within the confines of the whitewall gallery" — and in the NFPL, the walls will become his specially formulated color called "Beige Rage" for the duration of Season Two. (This page incorporates Beige Rage as its background color.) A supposedly neutral color, beige bears an uneasy resemblance to the standard 'flesh tone' in use by many paint manufacturers to represent a certain shade of skin borne by white people. Martinez's jab exposes the fundamental fallacy of universality that animates white people's self-imagined domination, and perhaps their own blindness to the full spectrum of humanity around them. Martinez resides in San Antonio, TX. 


Lise Haller Baggesen's Lipstick Suprematism continues, with several paintings backgrounded by Beige Rage. Baggesen is the author of Mothernism, a treatise intended to “locate the mother-shaped hole in contemporary art discourse.” Mothernism was published in 2014 by Green Lantern Press & Poor Farm Press in an edition of 1500, and is available for $19.79 via:

Lise Haller Baggesen

Fishy, 2014

oil paint & glitter on velvet & tie dye

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