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August 13, 2017 


by Claudia Rankine

"Certain moments send adrenaline to the heart, dry out the tongue, and clog the lungs. Like thunder they drown you in sound, no, like lightning they strike you across the larynx." (p. 7)

"An unsettled feeling keeps the body front and center. The wrong words enter your day like a bad egg in your mouth and puke runs down your blouse, a dampness drawing your stomach in toward your rib cage. Your own disgust at what you smell, what you feel, doesn't bring you to your feet, not right away, because gathering energy has become its own task, needing its own argument." (p. 8)

"The rain this morning pours from the gutters and everywhere else it is lost in the trees." (p. 9)

#claudiarankine #citizen #charlottesville #bigotocracy 

#wrongwayusa #hateisacrime

-Nicholas Frank


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